If you are considering ownership of your own chiropractic clinic then this could be the right opportunity for you.

Chiropractor Mark Hesse, who has owned the clinic since 1988, is drawing closer to retirement and is now looking for one or more suitable chiropractors to partially and then completely take over.

About the clinic

The Anderson Chiropractic clinic in Örebro was established in 1987 and has been the leading clinic in the town and the surrounding region ever since.

The Anderson Chiropractic brand is sound and highly reputed. Patient surveys carried out by the regional health authorities show that Anderson Chiropractic has an extremely high satisfied patient index, with 98 % of patients answering happy or very happy with the results of their treatments.

As such the clinic enjoys an immense client base. Even during the pandemic Anderson Chiropractic maintained a respectable turnover. The primary source of patients is by word of mouth (our marketing activities are few).

Today the clinic is manned by two chiropractors and one receptionist. The chiropractors work approximately 70 % and the receptionist 80 %. The clinic is open four days a week. One of the chiropractors will soon be moving on.

The clinic’s average turnover is approximately 2,5 million SEK per year.

About Örebro

Örebro is one of Sweden’s fastest growing towns and recently surpassed Västerås to become the 6th largest town (kommun) in Sweden after Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö, Uppsala and Linköping.


  • Örebro kommun: 155 989 persons (2019).
  • Örebro region: 302 252 persons (2019).
  • Companies (region): more than 14 000.

Population growth

Örebro has become a town of opportunity and a popular place to live and raise a family. The selection of homes, schools, clubs, sports, entertainment, culture, nature and more is definitely one of the leading reasons for the town’s success and why the population continues to grow.

Corporate growth

Needless to say, Örebro has developed extensively over the last 15 years, and continues to do so. The Örebro region has a broad and growing base of industries and services in all sectors, including logistics, IT, tourism and hospitality, technology and industry, health and social care, building and construction, bank and finance, education and research. With such a wide base Örebro proudly boasts many successes in many areas, amongst others:

  • Örebro University ranks highly in both ”Best Global Universities”, and ”Best Young Universities”.
  • Örebro University Hospital has ranked the nr 1 University Hospital in Sweden repeatedly in several independent surveys.
  • Läkarutbildningen, ranked as Best in Sweden by Sveriges Läkarförbund.

For more information on Örebros continued growth goals as a region please visit Business Region Örebro: https://businessregionorebro.se/


For the right persons, the clinic’s potential for growth is excellent.

For more information please contact Mark Hesse
Tel +46 73-030 92 65